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‘Aranya‘ is a Sanskrit word for green and prosperous forest, a forest of Wisdom that belongs to us. Our Aranya is space of freedom in natures embrace to the experience of biodiversity, sustainability and our spiritual connections to mother earth and existence.We are a group of young enthusiastic nature lovers dedicated to holistic and ecologically regenerative design and low footprint living. A voluntary community exploring possibilities of future where humans live in synergy with nature. Our basic motto is to bring awareness, understanding, love, and respect to nature by transforming the notions of the contemporary way of living. Our Aranya belongs to everyone who has a passion and desire for rebuilding the world with love towards nature. We invite you to be a part of this journey at our Aranya.

What we do

We learn here to unlearn. Unlearn the definitions of the comfortable lifestyle, unlearn to depend and learn to self-sustain, learn to love nature and explore the returns we earn from mother earth. Our Aranya is a platform to explore various concepts of the low footprint and sustainable living, through workshops, knowledge sharing and research. We believe and encourage self-sustainable holistic living by water and energy conservation, waste management, enhancing local food, art, and culture. As a community, we are dedicated to living a sustainable life in tune with each other and the natural world. We are very passionate about sharing our knowledge, ideas, and inspiration. We are also eager to learn from you.

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Explore the rich culture of pristine Malvan with us

Inviting you to one of the top 12 biodiverse hotspots of the planet

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Permaculture Design Course

Join the Permaculture movement, gain practical answers and solutions for today’s global problems.


Movement to workshop

Immerse yourself into a transformative lifestyle that can make a real difference for you, the global community and our planet!

Extensive 3 week hands-on in India

Dates: 4 Nov’17 to 19 Nov’17 
Place: Kankavali, Maharashtra, India.

Sustainable living Workshop

December 9th – 23rd 2017
Type: Intensive workshop-retreat (residential)
Topic: Sustainable living, including natural building, organic gardening, healthy cooking, History, treks, and forest walk understanding Bio-diversity.
Description: 15 days residential –learning workshop on what’s, how’s and whys of a sustainable life and living. This holistic program combines hands-on training in earthen building and organic gardening with an exploration of traditional wisdom and modern solutions. Learn to design and build eco – friendly structures with architects and permaculture designers. Learn to grow, cook and eat tasty and nourishing local food based meals. Understand site, nature, biodiversity, and climate through daily deep ecology forest walk and cultural walk. 

What is PDC ?
Permaculture is a design system for regenerative human settlements based on the principles of natural ecosystems. It provides an ethical framework and creative ways to interact harmoniously with our environment. As a worldwide movement for an earth-based living and bioregional economy, it brings together a broad set of methods, technologies, and approaches for community-oriented solutions to the challenges our planet is facing today. 
What is this workshop about?
Permaculture is the methodology developed by Bill Mollison’s 72-hour curriculum, our course participants will have the unique opportunity to learn about permaculture in an off-the-grid, community-based setting rich with local culture. Based on our real life experiences, this course offers hands-on applied permaculture skills immersed in natural and raw setting on nature, in India’s rural setting in Kankavali,  located in the beautiful World Heritage Biodiversity of Western Ghats foothills at Kankavali Village, Maharashtra, India.
What will I gain after this workshop?
By Attending Our Permaculture design course, you will gain first-hand experiences of both opportunities and challenges that arise from developing and maintaining a resilient home and land-based resource system. On this two-week journey, you will share the joy of learning and co-creating with like minded people and embrace a variety of tangible and intangible skills to empower yourself, your local community, your company or your family. Together, we will work on holistic solutions and communal response to the interlinked challenges of our time. Our focus will be on practice-oriented, learning-by-doing experiences, not just concept, theory and information-based study. Therefore, we will co-create mutual learning situations with a unique design project at the end of the course, which will enable you to design resilient and regenerative systems. In taking this course, you will gain the confidence and basic abilities for permaculture design approaches suited for landscapes, apartment balconies, intentional communities, company structures or personal life paths.

More about PDC

Course Fee

This fee includes teaching, camping accommodation and all meals that are delicious and homemade organic.The course fee is charged as follows:

  • $700 / ₹45,000
  • $600 / ₹38,500 [Participants from developing nations]
  • $500 / ₹32,000 [For Students enrolled in universities] Note: Fee in INR(₹) will float according to international exchange rates.

We want you to make a $100 down payment through Instamojo to secure your spot. To maintain highest standards of teaching/learning, we will take only 15 participants. After which, you will be put on wait list. We will duly refund the full amount to all waitlisted candidates in a case where we are not able to provide you with a place.

We are a social organization and not profit makers.  A minimum buffer is kept to maintain a high-end teaching/learning experience. We always try to have a fair share of the leftover amount. This money will go to develop the Aranya and the local community in Vicinity, a part from which will go to the facilitators & another who are involved in the project. Our larger project is focused on rejuvenating the local-ecology of Kankavali.

We recommend that participants join the whole duration of the course as to be fully immersed in the community. We aim to create diversity and promote people from developing nations to join this workshop. We will also provide 60% fee refund to two participants from developing nations.


We have designed this course carefully keeping diversity in mind. You can be an urban or village dweller. We will provide you with the all theory and practice that will transform your life completely. 

  • Bill Mollison’s 72h curriculum 
  • Internalizing the principles and ethics of permaculture 
  • Kankavali, home and land-based resource system as a teacher 
  • Hands-on and solution-oriented curriculum with focus on resiliency and regeneration 
  • Community and social tools for project and personal development 
  • Regenerative landscape design
  • Water retention and regeneration 
  • Organic farming, composting and earthworks
  • Building with natural materials
  • Sustainable social structures, alternative economy
  • Urban permaculture
  • Indigenous wisdom and deep nature connection 
  • Nature/Deep ecology walks
  • Understanding through biodiversitry lens
Who should join?

It is a way of living that we are introducing here. But we recommend this workshop to people involved in following activities so that they can take a lot more back in their professional life:

  • Project developers
  • Farmers
  • Students looking for practical experience and holistic perspective
  • Small land holders 
  • Ecologists and Restoration Worker
  • Activist
  • Designers/Architects
  • Landscape architects
  • Land developers
  • Artists
  • Farmers
  • Urban Gardeners 
  • Community members 
  • People related to settlement planning
  • Environmental educators
  • People looking for nature connection
Teaching methods

We try to balance the learning between theory and practice. Our intense pragmatic approach along with group work provides enough room to create a healthy environment for discussions. Pedagogy in Aranya becomes more interesting after attaching following components:

  • Open space
  • World cafe
  • Action learning
  • Field trips
  • Theater
  • Sound and Mood
  • Lecture
  • Walk and talk
  • Hands on
  • Design Project
  • Games
  • Movies
  • Group Learning
  • Think and listen
  • Sharing circle
  • Group work
  • Local community interaction
  • Participatory and practices with villagers.

Community-social tools

The core need for the project and personal development. For empowering ourselves and each other to take action and responsibility towards a regenerative lifestyle, we need appropriate tools for communication, decision making, organization and community living. For this, the permaculture principles can be applied to our social and personal life in a way which connects us with our potential as an individual and as a community. This can bring us a lot of joy and quality of life while we share our gifts. During the course, you will learn and apply social permaculture tools and get the opportunity to connect with your personal gift and share it with the community.

Tooltip Text

Indigenous wisdom

Indigenous wisdom and deep nature connection to earth-based traditional cultures offer the great wisdom of the natural world and its cycles which can be applied in permaculture design as well as in our daily lives. Through deep nature connection, we can immerse ourselves within the natural cycles and web of life and gain an understanding of our place as humans on planet earth. Throughout the course, you will get to know some of the indigenous wisdom.

Explore local techniques and Culture

An excellent opportunity to understand local community skills and food and sustainable agricultural practices.

Meet a group of astounding Faculty

Ben Murray

Lead Faculty (PDC)

Sam Trousdale

Co-ordinating Faculty (PDC)

Shruti Pandit

Host Faculty

Saubhagya ‘Daksh’

Host Faculty

Jennifer Newton


Sanjay Desai

Guest Faculty

Discover Kankavli

Kankavali lies on the foothills of Western Ghats/Sahyadri, It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site has over 7,402 species of flowering plants, 1,814 species of non-flowering plants, 139 mammal species, 508 bird species, 179 amphibian species, 6,000 insects species and 290 freshwater fish species. Two hours drive from Goa. Goa has large numbers of international and domestic tourists each year for its beaches, places of worship and world heritage architecture. It has rich flora and fauna, owing to its location on the Western Ghats range, a biodiversity hotspot.

We are well connected through air/rail/road and 8-hour away from Mumbai by Road.
Nearest Airport: Goa Airport(Well connected by train 2-hours to Site).
Nearest Railway station : Kankavali railway station (30-minute walk from site.)
Nearest Bus Station: Kankavali bus station (30-Minute Walk)


During the course, participants will be staying on beautiful terraces among the trees, mushrooms, and stones. You can pitch anywhere in the widely spread woods. We have the vast area with different landscapes. Apart from tents, we are also giving following options for the residence depending upon your choice.


  • Local villagers house made up of mud, locally available Red laterite stone, cow dung plastered and flooring houses (Limited availability)
  • Semi furnished rooms with attached bathrooms.
  • Common Dormitory with common Bathroom and toilets
  • Tents
From the outdoor communal kitchen, we provide 3 meals per day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner included in the cost of the course (except Sundays when the students are free to feed themselves!). Prepared with love, the food is always diverse, fresh, healthy, homemade and vegetarian. By that, we also help to stimulate the local food economy by purchasing from the local farmers. A lot of the food is also grown on the premises.


  • Plenty of Beaches
  • Water Sports(Parasailing, Diving and Much more)
  • Historic Forts (Sindudurg, VijayDurg)
  • Animal and Bird sanctuary
  • Water fall
  • Lots Mango and cashew-nut farms
  • Goa is one of the best tourist destinations in the world.
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Pre-registration will cost just $100 + 2% Convenience Fee. We will send the link to secure payment gateway on your email as soon as you finish filling the form below.

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I prefer to stay in my personal tentI want community to arrange a tent for meI want to stay in traditional mud and stone houseA dormitory with common Bathroom and toilets will do goodI will love to stay in semi-furnished room with attached bathrooms

Any questions? Write to us at with your inquiry and we will get back to you shortly!
We are open to telephonic conversations. Feel free to call us at (+91) 989-212-0067 and (+91) 847-687-7736

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