Our company combines a common view towards the exploitation of earth in various ways. We are more like a social organisation then the Profit Makers....

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In this exquisitely located seat i.e. tarai region, we have such a perception and vision  that works under a different global perspective. We are vibrant in accelerating development of a common farmer. And in our plant library, you can explore the hundred-thousand and utterly useful raw plant products which are easily accessible to you.  We also provide innovative solutions for a sustainable agriculture and  living.

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Coffee & Salix Nursery will be available online soon. You can make purchase from our website.


Green Park, Rudrapur, Uttrakhand, India

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We grow high quality  nursery  of Coffee, Horticulture plants,  Medicinal and aromatic plants,  Salix and  other  short  rotation agroforestry trees. Developing wasteland, agriculture land and to set up agriculture farms, agriculture houses, orchards, gardens, plantations and to carry on the business as horticulturist and to deal in import, export agriculture  and forest products, flowers and herbal medicinal  plants. We also import, export, produce, process, formulate, buy,sell, or otherwise deal in all kinds of agricultural produce, garden herbal products, forest produces, flowers, bulbs, seeds and their derivatives  and by products. Alongside we promote Sustainable Agriculture and  Architecture with various programs.

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