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‘Aranya‘ is a Sanskrit word for green and prosperous forest, a forest of Wisdom that belongs to us. Our Aranya is space of freedom in natures embrace to the experience of biodiversity, sustainability and our spiritual connections to mother earth and existence.We are a group of young enthusiastic nature lovers dedicated to holistic and ecologically regenerative design and low footprint living. A voluntary community exploring possibilities of future where humans live in synergy with nature. Our basic motto is to bring awareness, understanding, love, and respect to nature by transforming the notions of the contemporary way of living. Our Aranya belongs to everyone who has a passion and desire for rebuilding the world with love towards nature. We invite you to be a part of this journey at our Aranya.

What we do

We learn here to unlearn. Unlearn the definitions of the comfortable lifestyle, unlearn to depend and learn to self-sustain, learn to love nature and explore the returns we earn from mother earth. Our Aranya is a platform to explore various concepts of the low footprint and sustainable living, through workshops, knowledge sharing and research. We believe and encourage self-sustainable holistic living by water and energy conservation, waste management, enhancing local food, art, and culture. As a community, we are dedicated to living a sustainable life in tune with each other and the natural world. We are very passionate about sharing our knowledge, ideas, and inspiration. We are also eager to learn from you.


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Explore the rich culture of pristine Malvan with us

Inviting you to one of the top 12 biodiverse hotspots of the planet

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Sustainable Living

Our aim is to reach each individual’s consciousness for holistic healthy lifestyle.


  • Series 1 – Deep Ecology 
  • Series 2 – Yoga and Meditation
  • Series 3 – Nature and Art Expression
  • Series 4 – Permaculture Design

Movement to workshop

Immerse yourself into a transformative lifestyle that can make a real difference for you, the global community and our planet!

Sustainable living 

Sustainable living, including natural building, organic gardening, healthy cooking, evolution, treks, yoga, meditation, forest walk, understanding Bio-diversity and connecting with Mother Earth is the motive of Our Aranya.
Description: Learning workshop on what’s, how’s and whys of a sustainable life and living. This holistic program combines hands-on training in earthen building and organic gardening with an exploration of traditional wisdom and modern solutions. Learn to design and build eco – friendly structures with architects and permaculture designers. Learn to grow, cook and eat tasty and nourishing local food based meals. Learn to Understand self and inner self through meditation and yoga asana.  Understand nature, biodiversity and climate through daily deep ecology forest walk and cultural walk. 

Deep Ecology Series (Conservation of nature)

Exchanging of energies between you and the Plants around you, inner Science which can only be better explained after experiencing by your own self. A Good long weekend gateway window to the Kankavli forests. . A specially designed integrated deep ecology series to broaden our perspective. This workshop includes Forest trails focusing on the bio-diversity and its ecology by experts, Medium level Trek to the forest, village and farm visit, forest and river trail highlighting the existing ecology, deteriorating ecology and newly forming ecology along with soul connection with plants and much more. Get to know more about Bio-diversity, hands on knowledge – technically and soul to soul connection – spiritually.

What is this workshop about?

We will be working with the mediums of drawing, painting, meditation, role-plays, plant-spirit dialogues, Forest walk, river walk, medium level trek in forest, detail knowledge on plants and their life cycle, Bird watching and information, sharing circle etc. It is a preparation to explore deeper realms of being in oneness with the Bio- Diversity and Soul Connection with Nature. Moreover , expressing our deepest gratitude to our surrounding elements and other being.

Feeling the pain of the Nature and Bio- Diversity and honoring it. Deep exploration and contemplation of our soul and mind into the concerns we have for ourselves, for the world, for upcoming generation, and for all beings.

Learning about the holistic worldview and holistic approach toward sustainability, looking into your personal life how you wish to have each part of your life become more sustainable – discover your deep ecology as a way of living. Studying and addressing the environmental crisis we are facing from its roots.

Celebrate our learning and our bond, our commitment to connect to the earth through our soul and deepen our connection with Nature and its Ecology.

Venue and Course fees

Venue : Our Aranya – Halwal, Kankavali
Date: 26th – 28th Jan, 2018
Fees: ( stationary, food – 5 meals and snacks, accommodation inclusive)
₹ 3,500 – Joining from Mumbai and back (Inclusive of SL class train tickets, 25th night to 29th morning am back to Mumbai ).
₹ 2,800 – Joining Directly at Our Aranya on 26th Jan at 11am
*For more details email us at or
We want you to make a ₹ 1000 (non-refundable) down payment to secure your spot. We have limited seat available. First come first basis.

Cancellation: It is unlikely of us to cancel the event, but in case of cancellation from our end, your deposit will be refunded in full. Additionally we will not be held responsible for any financial losses or theft accrued during the course. We do accept late bookings if there is space available. If you cancel your booking your deposit made would not be refunded

More about Our Aranya

Community-social tools

The core need for the project and personal development. For empowering ourselves and each other to take action and responsibility towards a regenerative lifestyle, we need appropriate tools for communication, decision making, organization and community living. For this, the  principles of our Aranya can be applied to social and personal life in a way which connects us with our potential as an individual and as a community. This can bring us a lot of joy and quality of life while we share our gifts. During the course, you will learn and apply social tools and get the opportunity to connect with your personal gift,  share it with the community and save the bio-diversity around us.

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Indigenous wisdom

Indigenous wisdom and deep nature connection to earth-based traditional cultures offer the great wisdom of the natural world and its cycles which can be applied in permaculture design as well as in our daily lives. Through deep nature connection, we can immerse ourselves within the natural cycles and web of life and gain an understanding of our place as humans on planet earth. Throughout the course, you will get to know some of the indigenous wisdom.

Explore local techniques and Culture

An excellent opportunity to understand local community skills and food and sustainable agricultural practices.
Our Aranya Team

Shruti Pandit

Host Faculty

Saubhagya ‘Daksh’

Host Faculty

Jennifer Newton



Host Faculty

Sanjay Desai

Team Member

Uma Mudaliar

Team Member


Team Member

Hira Pandit

Team Member

Discover Kankavli

Kankavali lies on the foothills of Western Ghats/Sahyadri, It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site has over 7,402 species of flowering plants, 1,814 species of non-flowering plants, 139 mammal species, 508 bird species, 179 amphibian species, 6,000 insects species and 290 freshwater fish species. Two hours drive from Goa. Goa has large numbers of international and domestic tourists each year for its beaches, places of worship and world heritage architecture. It has rich flora and fauna, owing to its location on the Western Ghats range, a biodiversity hotspot.

We are well connected through air/rail/road and 8-hour away from Mumbai by Road.
Nearest Airport: Goa Airport(Well connected by train 2-hours to Site).
Nearest Railway station : Kankavali railway station (30-minute walk from site.)
Nearest Bus Station: Kankavali bus station (30-Minute Walk)


During the course, participants will be staying on beautiful terraces among the trees, mushrooms, and stones. You can pitch anywhere in the widely spread woods. We have the vast area with different landscapes. Apart from tents, we are also giving following options for the residence depending upon your choice.


  • Local villagers house made up of mud, locally available Red laterite stone, cow dung plastered and flooring houses (Limited availability)
  • Semi furnished rooms with attached bathrooms.
  • Common Dormitory with common Bathroom and toilets
  • Tents
From the outdoor communal kitchen, we provide 3 meals per day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner included in the cost of the course (except Sundays when the students are free to feed themselves!). Prepared with love, the food is always diverse, fresh, healthy, homemade and vegetarian. By that, we also help to stimulate the local food economy by purchasing from the local farmers. A lot of the food is also grown on the premises.


  • Plenty of Beaches
  • Water Sports(Parasailing, Diving and Much more)
  • Historic Forts (Sindudurg, VijayDurg)
  • Animal and Bird sanctuary
  • Water fall
  • Lots Mango and cashew-nut farms
  • Goa is one of the best tourist destinations in the world.
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Pre-registration will cost just Rs 1000 + 2% Convenience Fee. We will send the link to secure payment gateway on your email as soon as you finish filling the form below.

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I prefer to stay in my personal tentI want community to arrange a tent for meI want to stay in traditional mud and stone houseA dormitory with common Bathroom and toilets will do goodI will love to stay in semi-furnished room with attached bathrooms

Any questions? Write to us at  or with your inquiry and we will get back to you shortly!
We are open to telephonic conversations. Feel free to call us at (+91) 989-212-0067 and (+91) 847-687-7736

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The future of holistic living.